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Hi, my name is Jennie.  I first started making bears a long time ago, and registered my business in 1992.  I worked from home for nearly 10 years, exhibiting at lots of craft fairs and teaching bear making at various locations.

In April 2001, I first opened The Teddy Tree in Osborne Park, in a warehouse unit behind a computer shop - the most common comment from visitors was that it was a strange location for a teddy bear shop!  My daughter came up with the name, The Teddy Tree - she said it was because bears could climb trees, but also the it would be a good name for the business as it "could branch out" into other areas.  What a wise child she was and is ...

In December 2008, I moved to the current location - 226 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn.  Since then, The Teddy Tree has grown to now stock a huge range of commercial bears, patchwork fabrics and yarns - now the most common comment is that I need a bigger shop!

Come visit The Teddy Tree, check out the ever expanding range of goodies on offer, have a chat, maybe even show off your latest creation!



The Teddy Tree

226 Scarborough Beach Rd



Ph/Fax : + 61 (08) 9201 1011



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226 Scarborough Beach Rd                 Ph/Fax: +61 (08) 9201 1011                   
MT HAWTHORN  WA  6016                  email: sales@teddytree.com.au