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The Bearhouse Characters are usually named after famous places or landmarks be it palaces, castles or visitors attractions right here in the UK with the exception of our two mice Madame Roquefort and indeed her butler Piccallilli they move around and  frequently visit the other characters so Piccallilli is often very busy making travel arrangements and catering for Her ladyship . He has been created from two different plush fabrics both mousy grey in colour, he has a cute black nose and brilliant white whiskers and his ears are lined with a soft creamy white plush. He also has a long mouse tail which helps tremendously with his balance when he is rushing about. He has gently bent legs so he can sit comfortably in his chair at the end of his busy days. Like all our Bearhouse characters he is soft filled and slightly weighted which is used to create the wonderful feel they all have about them.

Weight .53 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm